Squats and Tots

Squats and Tots Fitness is a “no excuse” class that offers moms and dads the opportunity to reclaim their fitness with their babies by their sides.

This class requires no previous experience and is suitable for parents with children from 4 weeks old to 1 year. All we ask is that you ensure your doctor has cleared you to workout!

Squats and Tots is coached by Sheina McManus, who’s son was born in January of 2018. Sheina offers a unique perspective being a first-time mom who now balances the needs of an infant, as well as her health and fitness goals.

We all know that new babies’ effect both parents, so we welcome and encourage spouses to come as well!

This is a stress-free, fun, social workout for all parents! We love having the opportunity to bring parents together to spend time on their health, while not having to miss out on precious baby time. Parents can put their mind at ease knowing they will be working out with other parents who all understand babies cry, crawl, and get into mischief.

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